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You may be surprised to learn that nearly 97% of internet users looking for business seek local companies or that 86% of those people use Google Maps to search for the business' location. Google Maps has dominated the online mapping industry for more than a decade & everyone has grown accustomed to the fact that it is outstanding, thorough & FREE.

This is why a business is not complete without a fully optimized Google Business Profile (GBP) with Google Business verification, a solid presence within the Google Maps Listing and a good gmb ranking . Without this, your business is missing out on the opportunity to create new client relationships and produce hundreds if not thousands of dollars in possible revenue. If you're serious about your business let us help you rank higher on Google Maps.

How to rank on Google Maps | Digital Marketing Agency | SEO Miami

Everyone uses Google Maps.

One of the most useful apps on every smart phone is Google Maps. Google Maps is usually the first place people turn to when they are in a new location or want to find a nearby establishment. The user can use Google Maps to look up specific company kinds and see the best nearby results.

What's even more incredible is that travelers rely their decisions on outcomes of their Google Maps searches. It is both practical and cutting-edge to engage with customers via Google Maps. This is one of the many reasons why you would want to obtain a higher gmb ranking on Google Maps.

Google Maps helps to build trust.

Performing a google business address verification

fosters significant trust among your audience. Now that the internet widely accessible worldwide, only a very small amount of the population still use the conventional Yellow Pages or similar listing services to find services. As a result, in addition to being featured in traditional Yellow Pages, businesses should think about being listed in Google Maps, especially if they cater to locals.

By getting your google my business verification

even if you don't have a website, your potential customers will have access to the most important information about your company at their fingertips. Google Maps is also the ideal option for business owners who cannot afford to have their dream website just yet.

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Google Places is incredible for SEO.

You give all the identifying information about your business, including the URL of your company's website, when you claim a business on Google Maps. This indicates that a trustworthy website like Google has a link to your company, which improves the quality of the traffic that you receive from the search engines.

This means the better your local maps optimization is, the higher your gmb ranking, which directly translates to better traffic, more leads and more business.

We're one of the few digital marketing agencies in Miami & around the world with the know-how to not only get your business listed & verified but optimize the data provided to improve organic results that directly affect your bottom line & improve your sales conversions.

High gmb ranking is all about local maps optimization.

Even though it may seem like a super easy task, optimizing your local maps listing and priming your gmb listing for organic traffic is no easy feat. Getting on the top results of the Google map pack takes much more than just verifying your business and supplying google with your basic business details. It requires en expert hand to fine-tune media items, research & obtain citations, curate reviews and align any SEO efforts to drive traffic to the listing.

Our team of Miami SEO experts know exactly what it takes to take you to the top of your local map listing. Just get in touch with us so we can put together a comprehensive plan that's custom to your business needs.

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Don't leave money on the table!

There is a sizable potential revenue streams by being properly primed inside of the Google Map Pack that most businesses are not utilizing.

Did you know that approximately 49% of online businesses get an average of 1,000 views each month on their Google My Business listings when listed within the top 3 positions on the Google maps listing? If only 20% of those visitors became NEW customers... what would that mean for your business?

Plant your business flag!

If you don't claim your own business in Google places, somebody else may do it for you, maybe even a competitor. Would you leave it to chance for someone to deliberately drive your prospective clients away? Just as it is essential to patent an invention or trademark a logo, it is as important to claim your GMB & Google maps listings.

Increase your brand visibility.

Brand visibility is proportional to how high your position is within the Google Map Pack. This is why you want to rank higher on google maps than your competitors. Let us help you increase your gmb ranking today!

Harness the power of local map optimization.

Imagine you were searching for a coffee shop around your hotel because this is the first time you've ever been to Miami before. You may easily find one by using Google Maps to conduct a search for "coffee shops near me." You might not be aware of this, but there are special algorithms that decide what Google Maps displays for you at the top of the search results and the Google Map Pack listing.

We understand that you might be in an activity with a high level of competition but remember that even though your competitors are great at what they do, not all of them are SEO experts or working with agencies that truly know how to get to the top organic search results on Google & Google Maps. This means there's a good chance that you can outrank them faster than you think!

How to rank on Google Maps | Digital Marketing Agency | SEO Miami

In order to ensure that your company appears towards the top of searches for companies just like yours, our team of qualified experts in online marketing steps in. You might be shocked by how much business a well listing with google business verification and a good gmb ranking can generate! Get in touch with us now to schedule your FREE strategy call!

Our process.

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To best understand your long-term and short-term goals and objectives, we form a close, collaborative, personal relationship with you.

Web Audit

To determine the best strategy to help you achieve your goals, we conduct a thorough analysis of your online presence and possible opportunities.

Marketing Strategy

Based on our findings, we carefully develop and offer you a plan of action with a focused strategy in order to improve your online visibility and generate quality leads moving onto the future.


We put the plan into action and manage the tasks necessary to improve traffic to your company offers, but not just any traffic: only those with buyer intent.


We continue to monitor competitor rankings, off-page SEO activities, and act on changes to Google's algorithm to maintain and build on SEO, all while you sit back and watch your business grow.


What is Google My Business?

Formerly known as Google Places, Google My Business (GMB) enables business owners to claim a listing for their business that may appear in Google search results. Virtually any type of business (with the exception of certain more risqué establishments) can claim a Google My Business listing, which will display information that searchers may want to know, such as business address, operating hours, customer ratings & more.

How long is the GMB verification process for my business?

Once all of the information is up to date, usually the process takes a couple of weeks since Google has to send a physical PIN via mail to the mailing address of your business which we then have to validate with the system.

How long is the optimization process for my listing?

This really depends on how well and how fast we want to solidify your gmb listing but it can vary. Data is usually fast but acquiring citations, producing photos, videos, reviews & tours can take several weeks. Hop on a call with our team and let's figure out a strategy to improve your gmb ranking for your business!

I already have a listing but I'm not in the top results...

We can definitely help you increase your rankings! There are many optimization tools that we can implement in order to establish more authority and get you on those coveted top positions on Google maps. Get in touch with our team today and let us help you rank higher on Google Maps!

Google my business ranking factors 2022

There's multiple factors that can affect your ranking online but here's the most common ones:

-Business verification

-Age of business


-Media (photos & videos)

-Locations & Metadata




What is a GMB post?

Google Posts are essentially a microblogging component of the GMB listings than can help you rank higher on Google Maps. A GMB Post can be used to share brand-new or unusual goods and services as well as events directly in Google searches and Maps. You can add a picture, a video, text, a call-to-action (CTA), and a link to your website or a landing page.

Before, each post could only be 300 words long, and at least 100 words had to be written before it could be published. With no apparent minimum length requirement, Google reduced this word limit in 2018 to a maximum of 1500 characters.

The length of the post as a whole has also been shortened because the new character restriction equates to around 250 words. However, only the first 100 characters of your post—or less—will be displayed inside of the Google Knowledge panel.

Can GMB posts improve SEO ranking?

Absolutely! Here's some ideas of how it can help you rank higher on Google Maps:

-Getting your target clients to visit your website or take the appropriate action is much easier now that CTA buttons can be included straight in GMB Posts. Thus, GMB Posts might directly result in an increase in the volume of traffic to your website.

-Customers who view your GMB posts typically have a high level of buying intent. Because of this, referral traffic from your GMB listing is more valuable than traffic from search results.

-Additionally, you can increase traffic to particular sections of your website by using GMB Posts. As a result, those web sites and URLs will rank higher in the search results.

-You may expand your email list using Google Posts. When creating an online registration form to gather user information, be sure to include a CTA. This email list could develop into a steady flow of returning visitors to your website.

-Regularly sharing new, pertinent, updated, and highly-targeted material is also an excellent use of GMB Posts. It gives you the chance to address your target audience directly. These elements contribute to greater engagement.

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