There's an incredible number of elements that can hurt your search rankings. Let's analyze your business and prepare a SEO video strategy plan FOR FREE tailored to your business needs and optimize your website's online presence!

This is a tailored analytical approach, business to business, not a pre-packaged service full of items you don't need.


We build and deploy both local & global SEO tactics to get you top rankings in search results in the major search engines.






Why should SEO a crucial part of your business development strategy?

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80% of major purchases begin with an online search.

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75% of users looking to purchase goods & services never scroll past the first page of any search engine.

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SEO can reduce customer acquisition costs by almost 85%

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SEO-focused businesses have a 15 times higher likelihood of producing profitable results.

SEO Services | Miami

Have you hired Miami SEO experts that haven't gotten the results you're looking for?

Let's get you real help from TRUE SEO EXPERTS, not expert salesmen/women.

Sadly a lot of Miami SEO companies out there are great at painting the picture as of why you need SEO services but are not true experts at understanding and deploying serious & technical tactics at a deep level to improve your rankings within the search engines, nor can give you tangible results.

Our well-rounded and comprehensive SEO, web design, content, and marketing approach is a surefire way to make sure you connect with the target market. Regardless of where you are on the results page, our Miami SEO marketing experts can move your company to the top using our technological expertise, which will increase your revenue.


Get in touch with our Miami SEO team.

When trying to select the best Miami SEO agency to work with, there are a lot of options to choose from, which can be a little daunting.

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Let's plant those SEO seeds in our backyard!

Allow us to teach you the way to your future of dominating your local market if you have not yet been introduced to what SEO marketing is. Our team uses SEO or search engine optimization to ensure that your website, social media presence, advertising, and every other form online presence is aligned to bring new customers to the fold.

We do thorough research of relevant terms in your activity and proceed to align your content and intention to what people are looking for online.

Although the internet is a fantastic tool for business, search engine algorithms like those of Google are challenging. Therefore, even though many individuals pay to have a website developed, those sites won't actually affect their bottom line at all if they're optimized for SEO since no one will see their lovely website.

SEO Services | 5X PROFIT | Miami
Miami SEO Services | 5X Profit


Let's answer the SEO riddle for your business.

Our team of knowledgeable SEO marketing experts can not only build you an incredible website so that it improves your ranking on Google for pertinent search terms but it will also be visually stunning.

A lot of Miami SEO agencies focus heavily on antiquated tactics and bulk chunks of uninteresting text no one wants to read and forget that the most important step in enabling clients to secure more sales is getting people to visit a website and staying on it.

We understand precisely what Google and all major search engines want & hot to apply SEO techniques for website design, marketing, and content generation. Applying a combination of excellent web design and SEO marketing tactics is the only way to truly improve your performance in regards to online searches.


The goal of our Miami SEO services for local businesses is to increase traffic to their websites and move them up the Google search results pages.


SEO involves multiple simultaneous strategies: link building, page optimization, content creation & much more. Our team is ready to give you the power your business deserves!


We have over 10 years of experience and excellence in helping businesses in Miami improve their SEO & web presence. So you're in truly exceptional hands.

We’ve helped hundreds of clients achieve their SEO goals!

Let's show firsthand why the #1 provider for the best SEO services in Miami!

01. Audit

Examine the rankings of your current website and identify any areas for improvement.

06. Citations

Find out where your company is mentioned online, make any necessary updates to your directory listings, and add hundreds more to spread the word about your name and contact information.

05. Link Strategy

We create reputable and effective links to your website for the keyphrases you wish to dominate with & interact with relevant & established authority sites in your niche/activity.

02. Outrank

Analyze the rivals in your market to learn what they're doing and how to outrank them.

03. Framework build

We analyze you website's structure and update/repair it so that it complies with the most recent Google algorithm changes. We check coding, speed & site security.

04. The Right keywords

We do extensive research & make your website keyword-optimized for buyer intent, increased traffic, and locating your ideal clients.

Our process.

Meet N' Greet

To best understand your long-term and short-term goals and objectives, we form a close, collaborative, personal relationship with you.

Web Audit

To determine the best strategy to help you achieve your goals, we conduct a thorough analysis of your online presence and possible opportunities.

Marketing Strategy

Based on our findings, we carefully develop and offer you a plan of action with a focused strategy in order to improve your online visibility and generate quality leads moving onto the future.


We put the plan into action and manage the tasks necessary to improve traffic to your company offers, but not just any traffic: only those with buyer intent.


We continue to monitor competitor rankings, off-page SEO activities, and act on changes to Google's algorithm to maintain and build on SEO, all while you sit back and watch your business grow.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does SEO really work for my business?

When you're browsing on google, have you ever went to the 2nd or 3rd page of the search results? Never right? That's why the ongoing internet joke is that the second page of Google search results is the greatest place to bury a body.

A higher ranking in search results will increase the likelihood that a user will click on your website. People have always had limited attention spans, but it's progressively getting shorter and shorter; therefore while searching for an immediate answer to their issue, they are drawn to the first few results they come across.

The most efficient approach to accomplish this and rank among the top results on a search page is a solid SEO strategy.

Only modern techniques, such as SEO, are effective. When you use these measurements, Google will merely provide you better website ranks, which raises traffic and yields more customers and conversions.

Looking to collaborate with marketing professionals to prepare your website for SEO? Call us at (786) 796-7980 or send us an email at .

How long will it take us to see SEO results?

Depending on the starting website, the caliber of the material, and the level of general niche competition, it can take anywhere from three months to more than a year to see measurable returns, in our experience. An average period would be six months.

82% of professional SEO surveys online claim that it takes an average of 6 months for SEO to improve traffic, with the full effects of effective SEO methods becoming apparent after 12 to 24 months. Expect your SEO results to increase over time as your rankings rise, as 75.1% of online visitors go to the top 3 Google sites.

A website's overall authority mostly derives from the caliber of the information it produces as well as the backlinks and mentions it gets from other reliable sources. These take a lot of effort and dedication not to mention time. Getting referrals from other reliable sources is a labor of love.

A long-term investment with a good SEO company will make your website a valuable asset for your company. Not only to solidify your brand presence but to consistently generate business opportunities. Message us today for assistance with your SEO strategy!

Are you maximizing Google Maps for your business?

Did you know that 30% of smartphone searches made on popular search engines click on map locations? So, this knowledge raises a question. Are you accessible via Google Maps? Trust us when we suggest that adding your company to Google Maps is the finest thing you can do for your company. It may improve the number of phone calls, increase visitors to your website, and spark more interest in contacting you. Let's help you rank higher on Google Maps today!

How often does Google update its search results?

Let's first concentrate on Google Search's fundamental components. Google strives to give users the greatest experience possible, and part of that includes ensuring they receive the best results for each and every single one of their searches. Generally speaking, there are two categories that can be used to separate "good" from "great" search results:

Relevance: the relevance of a query is a measurement of how closely it corresponds to the inquiry. If you're looking for Chinese restaurants and it displays Greek restaurants it is not really that relevant to the original intention since even though both are restaurants, they serve completely different culinary experiences.

Authority: this determines the outcome's degree of dependability. Sometimes higher authority sites just have been around for a long time and and have tons and tons of articles and links or sometimes they are newer but simply have a truly remarkable presentation of really relevant information. We should always prioritize leaning on reliable sources to improve our authority.

Why is my competition ranking higher than me on Google?

You're probably in the pool with the majority of business owners who simply don't place too much focus or invest time or money on SEO and we don't blame you since a lot of people say that try to sell you the "SEO Services" only create poorly designed websites and execute basic strategies you could do on your own for free without any real deep or technical knowledge on how to improve your ranking.

If you have a basic coverage of SEO principles towards your business and your competition is still outranking you, then it means they're spending time and money on creating proper SEO strategies to climb the ranking ladder. These strategies include the following line items:

  • Optimized local business listings
  • A highly optimized website that loads fast as is mobile friendly.
  • Relevant content that is relevant to SEO terms bot on & off page. 
  • Highly reputable backlinks. 
  • Interconnected metadata from other business listings such as social media & other placements.
  • & much more.

Get in touch with us today so we can create a thorough strategy to match your business goals and help you rank higher on Google Maps! Work with best seo company in Miami!

What is CRO (Conversion rate Optimization)?

Increasing the number of conversions from your digital property—typically a web page—is called conversion rate optimization (CRO). CRO entails putting strategies into practice to enhance the components of your website (or app) through testing of multiple variables at the same time and analyzing the results to determine which assets are truly bringing in home results. The goal of CRO in terms of your marketing funnel is to advance prospects to the following level: from leads to customers.

What is schema and how can it help my SEO?

Schema is a type of coding that makes information more understandable to search engines so they can better understand your content. In turn, this aids in giving consumers richer, more accurate information in the rich snippets that are shown below the page title. The rating/review, product/service (indicating pricing or whether it is in stop), and news items that appear straight in Google when you input specific queries are a few schema you may be familiar with without even realizing it.

There are several ways to apply schema, depending on the platform your site was developed on. Installable plugins are available for platforms like WordPress.

Depending on the language, it may need to be manually added to the page's head or placed inline with the HTML in other CMSes.

Because schema markup is so important to search engines, Google, Bing, and Yahoo! collaborated to create the website. You can imagine the importance of this if it brought all those giants together!

Will paid Ads help me get clients faster?

When done right they definitely can. Paid traffic campaigns can bring a higher traffic volume quickly which means more eyes on your business faster.

That being said, it takes a truly methodic approach to ensure that the messaging is aligned with your customer's vision and that your product/services resonates with them and their needs. If not, it s very easy to overspend on trying to reach a lot of people who are not necessarily ready to become customers. Here's just some of the components that make up a successful paid traffic campaign:

  • Ad copy (the text you write for the ads) .
  • Targeting the right "avatar" or audience.
  • Experimenting with different locations.
  • Optimizing the ad copy and media after testing.
  • Establishing the right attribution tracking to truly know "what works" on a data level.
  • & much more.

At 5X Profit we understand the process and we have devised highly technical testing strategies to get to the right messaging faster than most digital marketing agencies out there. We do this through CRO testing.


We're obsessed with getting you results.

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